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Clinical Services

In person one-on-one consults with our expert veterinary behavior docs

Comprehensive care from our specialized team for pets of any species and their parents in Colorado, Hawaii and beyond.

Vet-to-Vet Teleconsults

A service for veterinarians, for help with your canine or feline behavior case.  Anywhere.

A unique fusion of hands-on support from our Behavior Therapy Technicians and teleconsult service to your veterinarian.  Fully virtual possible!

Cookapoo Dog

Behavioral Coaching

Whether referred by your veterinarian for a diagnosed behavior problem, or you come to us seeking help yourself, we can provide you the behavior modification support you need without getting one of our doctors involved.

Dog Walk

Learn. Teach. Play.

Build Community. Have Fun.

Oh, and puppies.

Working From Home


One on one virtual support for complex but frequently needed skills

Animal Welfare


For the hard decisions.   

Planning for their best life.

Cat on Counter


Join the TVBC Advantage to get access to a program designed to support you and your pet through the comprehensive treatment

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Shelters & Rescues

Consulting services for individual patients as well as development of organizational level behavioral health plans

Zoos & Wildlife Sanctuaries

Individual patient or colony assessments as well as development of organizational level behavioral health plans



Have an animal at home that you think needs our services? 

Learn more about our veterinary behavior services for private clients here.  Give us a call or schedule an appointment today to start on your journey to helping them recover.  We see all species and have flexible options available for clients that live too far to come see us regularly.  House calls are standard for horses and farm animals and can be arranged (for an additional fee) for companion animals. 

Are in-person appointments required?

If you are proceeding with our comprehensive care route and would like your pet’s psychiatric treatments prescribed by us, our doctors are required to see patients in-clinic at least once annually. Follow-ups can be scheduled via telemedicine (or in-person) as needed. If this is not feasible for you, check out our hybrid program!  Through our teleconsult options, we work with you and your primary care veterinarian to get you the help you need.​

Why does my pet need a behavior intake AND a psychiatry evaluation? Can’t I skip the behavior intake and go straight to the doctor? 

For Colorado clients, you sure can! Schedule a Comprehensive Evaluation to get a dynamic doctor/nurse duo.  Or, if you prefer to space it out do the Behavior Intake and Psychiatry Intake separately.  Hawaii clients, we have all of you do a virtual behavior intake first to get going on a plan between our trips out to the island.  Our behavior intakes are specially-designed for our Behavior Therapy Technicians to gather a detailed behavioral history from you so we have a better idea of the problems you may be struggling with, and they will also spend some time clarifying your goals and referring you to a treatment option they think will be best for your individual circumstances. The information obtained during this appointment is incredibly valuable to our doctors, who will review all notes taken before meeting with you later down the line. 

Do you work in a veterinary clinic and want some education for your staff or a re-design of how you do things so that your patients can have a lower stress experience?

Yes!!!  Jump on the low-stress train before you get left behind.  Your patients, your clients and your staff will be happier and you will be able to practice better medicine.  We do hospital assessments as well as hands-on low-stress handling workshops and lectures to help you meet your goals.  Reach out to let us know your needs and wants.


Are you a shelter or rescue organization that would like an individualized consult for a patient or want some help designing and implementing systems to improve the behavioral health of the animals in your care?

Check out our new Adoption Candidacy Evaluations designed just for you to get an objective look at whats possible for the pet in your care with someone who knows the system like no other, our very own Bridgette Chesne, former Director of Animal Behavior and Sheltering at the Humane Society of Boulder Valley and 25 year veteran to the sheltering world.  Dr. Fagen and Bridgette want to help you in your mission to get these fella's into happy, well-matched homes.   Additionally, consulting for organizations now packs a special punch with the expertise they both can provide. Call us to discuss how we can best serve your needs. 

Work at a zoo or wildlife sanctuary and could use some help with a behavior problem or redesigning your behavioral health plans?

We love working with you!  Dr. Fagen works as a team with your veterinarians, keepers, trainers, enrichment team, etc. to design a practical plan for you.  Call or email for pricing - we are happy to chat.

Have a farm, breeding facility or at home animal collection and are thinking you could use an outside consultant to help you make some lifestyle changes for the animals to improve their physical and mental health?

Good on ya' for being so proactive!  Creative folks who take initiative to help the animals around them are our favorite people!  Give us a holler, let's talk over what you are looking for. 

Really want to make use of our clinical services but the prices are just a little too steep for you?

See our Hybrid Program for accessible and expert care.  We try to be as creative and flexible as possible to design a plan that can work for you and your family.  We know money doesn't grow on trees - we want you putting your hard-earned dollars into what is going to have the best shot at helping.  We always aim to be honest and upfront about our costs and the potential benefits of each particular type of diagnostic and treatment option so you can make an informed decision.  

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