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At Beach With Dog

Hawaii's only veterinary behavior team


People and pets of Oahu, you now have access to a higher level of animal behavior support than ever before. 

If you think you have tried it all, you haven't. 

Veterinary behaviorists have tools that no one else has.  And there are less than 100 of us in the United States.  With a combination of years of veterinary psychiatric training and experience, cutting-edge animal learning science, and a supportive team approach, you will have access to more resources, more support and more help than you ever have before.  If you are committed to the highest quality care for your animals and are struggling with a behavioral issue, big or small, contact us now. 


Partnering with Ali'i Animal Hospital and Ali'i Unleashed Resort located in Kakaako, Honolulu we are thrilled to bring veterinary behavior services to Hawaii. 


Comprehensive Care Track

Get the best of the best with our comprehensive care track, specially designed to support you all year round.  Utilizing a mix of in person and virtual support, get started right away!

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Therapeutic Board & Train

This one-of-a-kind program combines the best of board & train and veterinary psychiatry in patient treatment to provide an intensive jumpstart to your dog's treatment plan

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Virtual Workshops

Certain skills require multi-step protocols to efficiently make them useful and comfortable for you and your pet. Virtual workshops are structured to focus intensively on common skills we teach regularly.

Clinical Dog Examination

Collaborative Teleconsulting With Your Vet

If you can't wait to see us in person for medication support, or you simply want to keep your primary care vet managing the case, then our Teleconsulting service might be the right fit for you. 

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Behavioral Coaching

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Hybrid Program

Don't think you need psychiatric support but really want the experience and reliability our expertly trained team can provide?  Our behavioral coaching service provides just that!

Want the behavioral therapy support but want to keep your primary care veterinarian in charge of the medical pieces?  This Hybrid Program combines our Teleconsulting service with our Behavioral Coaching service.

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Designed to cover the initial intensive treatment phase, our membership allows you to space out payments, plus gets you discounts and access to exclusive auxiliary services.

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We get it, veterinary behavior is new.  How do we work?  What can we do?  Check out these FAQs to get your questions answered and if anything else is still on your mind, just reach out!

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Good Fit Evaluations

Not sure the cat or dog you have is really the right fit for your family?  Need to understand what you should be thinking about and talk through alternative options.  Know you explored all avenues with this specialized evaluation. 

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