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At Beach With Dog

Hawaii's only veterinary behavior team

People and pets of Oahu, you now have access to a higher level of animal behavior support than ever before. 

If you think you have tried it all, you haven't. 
Veterinary behaviorists have tools that no one else has.  And there is less than 100 of us in the United States.  With a combination of years of veterinary psychiatric training, cutting-edge animal learning science, and a supportive team approach, you will have access to more resources, more support and more help than you ever have before.  If you are committed to the highest quality care for your animals and are struggling with a behavioral issue, big or small, contact us now. 

Get started remotely:

Working from Home

Virtual Behavior Intake

Behavior Therapy Technician

One hour

We get to know you, your pet and what you need.  Leave with foundation advice and a plan.

Image by charlesdeluvio

Virtual Behavior Therapy

Behavior Therapy Technician

30 min or 60 min

Remote coaching on critical behavioral therapies from the comfort of your own home 

Take it to the next level, in-person, at Ali'i Animal Hospital:


Psychiatry Evaluation


One hour

Medical assessment, diagnosis, prognosis, medications and more


In Person Rechecks


60 min

Live coaching, medication plan adjustments, re-evaluations and more

Continued virtual support between in person rechecks:

Woman on her Tablet_edited.jpg

Virtual Med Checks


30 min

Medication adjustments, plan re-steering, critical updates

Vet Holding Cat

Nurse Appointments

Veterinary Nurse

30 minutes

Medication guidance, minor plan adjustments





Behavior Therapy Technician

30 or 60 min

So your pet can learning new coping skills & prepare them for making better choices. 

Dogs with trainer

Workshops, classes and more!

Behavior Therapy Technicians 


So many ways to support your journey - click here for more info!

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