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Medical Team

Hybrid Program

Veterinary behavioral support through your vet and behavioral therapies directly with us


Comprehensive Care

Our flagship services for comprehensive support - doctor designed, team execution

alternative track #2:


Behavioral Coaching

Behavior modification for any problem behavior with a team you can trust


Intensive, one-on-one coaching series for complex skills with great utility.  Open to the public.  Call to schedule.


Muzzle Workshop

15 min appts

Twice weekly

For 4 weeks

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Jack Russell Terrier dog in a muzzle. A dog in a muzzle lies on the grass..jpg


Relaxation Workshop

The 6D's method

15 min appts

Once weekly

For 6 weeks

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Lazy Dog

*Most pets can make it through all or most of the protocols in the time frame allotted but not all pets can - prior negative experiences, incomplete homework assignments and other factors can effect progression.  Subsequent sessions can be scheduled if you want or need additional support.  Every learner is different, so there is no guarantee that the skills will be complete at the end of the workshop.  

*One time payment up front, no pro-rating for partial use.  Our standard appointment cancellation and reschedule policy applies. 

*These workshops are intended to be completed within the time frames allotted for maximum behavioral momentum.  Scheduling of all appointments are typically completed at the time of purchase. 

Special Offerings:


Good Fit


Gray Cat Drinking From Faucet

45 minutes

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It can be incredibly conflicting to be committed to a pet while recognizing that they may not be the perfect fit for your family.  There are many reasons why animals are rehomed, even when they are dearly loved.  Our Good Fit evaluation is designed to create a safe space for you and your loved ones to express all the uncertainties that keep replaying in your mind.  Whether you are an existing patient at TVBC, or a family or individual that needs an outlet for your concerns, we’re here to listen!  Facilitated by a longtime animal welfare professional, we can help you assess the impact of retention should you elect to maintain your relationship, outline opportunities for rehoming, help you construct a balanced and objective relinquishment profile, or assist you in finding comfortable, low-stress euthanasia services.   

We are a judgement free practice, and understand how difficult these conversations can be.  Please let us know if we can help you sort through your thoughts. 



Adoption Candidacy Evaluations

Pitbull Portrait

45 minutes

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Are you a professional organization in possession of an animal that is “stuck” in the process of decision making? Need a professional risk assessment, an objective idea about resources necessary for a successful placement, or a professional partner to help colleagues understand why euthanasia is a consideration? Need a creative partner to identify alternative solutions and make recommendations for transfer to a rescue group or shelter?


We’re fortunate to have a longtime animal welfare professional from the Boulder community and beyond on our team and she is available to help you sort out your thoughts and feelings about an animal in need. Don’t shoulder the weight of life changing decisions by yourself! 

We are a judgement free practice, and understand how difficult these conversations can be. We promise discretion and confidentiality.  

Any questions about our services?  Visit our FAQ page or give us a call - we are happy to talk through it.
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