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Working from Home




Behavior Therapy Technician

 This first appointment is to enable our team to collect a thorough understanding of the behavior problems you are struggling with at home.  We have you fill out our intake form in advance and then a specially trained Behavior Therapy Technician will perform a detailed interview and behavioral observation to create a picture from which we can design your tailored treatment plan.  From there, the technician can help you decide which of our services may be most appropriate for your pet.  Immediate interventions are advised to hold you over until we can really get the ball rolling!


60 min

Medical Team

Hybrid Program

Veterinary behavioral support through your vet and behavioral therapies directly with us

alternative track #1:


Comprehensive Care

Our flagship services for comprehensive support - doctor designed, team execution

our most popular service:

alternative track #2:


Behavioral Coaching

Behavior modification for any problem behavior with a team you can trust

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