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Animal Welfare Services

The closest thing to social work

the veterinary behavior world has to offer.

Man's Best Friends


Good Fit Evaluations

45 minutes

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It can be incredibly conflicting to be committed to a pet while recognizing that they may not be the perfect fit for your family.  There are many reasons why animals are rehomed, even when they are dearly loved.  Our Good Fit Evaluation is designed to create a safe space for you and your loved ones to express all the uncertainties that keep replaying in your mind.  Whether you are an existing patient at TVBC, or a family or individual that needs an outlet for your concerns, we’re here to listen!  Facilitated by a longtime animal welfare professional, we can help you assess the impact of keeping your pet should you elect to maintain your relationship, outline opportunities for rehoming, determine what are realistic options, help you construct an honest, fair and objective relinquishment profile, or assist you in finding comfortable, low-stress euthanasia services if needed.  Designed for behaviorally challenging pets, pets with particular medical needs or simply those where it might just be "too much."  Feel confident that you are doing right by your pet by having someone here to lay out the considerations, options and realities so you can make the best choice. 

We are a judgement free practice, and understand how difficult these conversations can be.  Please let us know if we can help you sort through your thoughts.  Note, we are not licensed practitioners in human mental health services, so while the service may give you peace of mind, this is about us hearing what is going on, and you understanding the system and understanding options for your situation.  We encourage you to reach out to your chosen professional if needed.   

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Cats on the Street


Adoption Candidacy Evaluations

45 minutes

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Are you a professional organization in possession of an animal that is “stuck” in the process of decision making? Need a professional risk assessment, an objective idea about resources necessary for a successful placement, understanding of what it would look like to treat a patient, or a professional partner to help colleagues understand why euthanasia is a consideration? Need a creative partner to identify alternative solutions and make recommendations for transfer to a rescue group or shelter? We’re fortunate to have a longtime animal welfare professional from the Boulder community and beyond on our team and she is available to help you sort out your thoughts and feelings about an animal in need. Don’t shoulder the weight of life changing decisions by yourself! 

We are a judgement free practice, and understand how difficult these conversations can be. We promise discretion and confidentiality.   Call to schedule. 

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