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Thank you for considering us for your patient's veterinary behavior needs!  We are happy to help. 

Now, multiple pathways to success!

More availability

Creative ways to help

Varying levels of care

Faster service

With all these new treatment options, your patient can get the tailored care they deserve.  Rest assured, our philosophy about working with you as a critical member of the healthcare team has not changed.  

Diagnostic Behavior Consultation

  • Get your patient in quickly

  • Careful initial behavioral consultation by our specially trained Behavior Therapy Technicians

  • Determine suitability for our different services

  • Urgent safety and management intervention

  • Interim support until your patient can get going on their pathway to success!

  • Critical background information collection

Psychiatry Evaluation

  • Thorough medical evaluation and additional behavioral observation

  • Diagnostic recommendations

  • Urgent and chronic psychiatric intervention

  • Long term behavioral therapy planning

  • Family fit assessments

Hybrid Program

  • A one-of-a-kind collaborative program between you, us and the client

  • You get teleconsult support on the medical and psychiatric management of the case

  • Direct, hands-on (or virtual) coaching from our Behavior Therapy Technicians with the client and patient

  • An affordable alternative for those patients that cannot do our Comprehensive Care

  • Beyond just Colorado - accessible to any veterinarian anywhere

Behavioral  Coaching

  • For patients that don't need our medical or psychiatric expertise - whether you are providing psychiatric support or not

  • A referral you can trust!

  • Evidence-based scientific integrity in our plans, vetted by our DACVB

  • Direct, hands-on (or virtual) coaching from our Behavior Therapy Technicians with the client and patient

Now offering labwork and other basic diagnostics!

A referral is not needed for clients to book an appointment with us. 
However, it is always helpful to receive more information from you.   
We are also happy to contact the client directly if they would prefer it. 
After each meeting with the doctor, a report will be sent to you. 
You are always welcome to call or email with questions or concerns. 

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