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Have a pet you are working with who might need us?

We are here to support the training community, who every day is putting their hearts, minds and bodies out there to make life better for our behavior problem fur babies.    

We are happy to work as a team with skilled and humane behavior modification trainers.  We believe our most difficult cases can have the best outcomes when there is a "village" supporting them and their parents.  

We ask you to please come to the Psychiatry Intake or Specialist Evaluation with your client so that we can develop a practical plan you feel comfortable with.  Thereafter, if coming in in person is too tough, we can have you dial in for any appointments where its important for you to have a presence.  We want there to be excellent communication between all members of the team.  


If you feel as though its time for you to "tap out" that's OK too.  We are grateful for the hard work you have put in thus far and can help them continue on their journey. 

While referrals are not needed, they are helpful for gaining a complete view of our patients.  We would be happy to reach out to prospective clients if they would like us to.  Please fill out this form to refer a client/patient:

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