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Have a pet you are working with who might need us?


We are here to support the training community, who every day is putting their hearts, minds and bodies out there to make life better for our behavior problem fur babies.    

We are happy to work as a team with skilled and humane behavior modification trainers.  We believe our most difficult cases can have the best outcomes when there is a "village" supporting them and their parents.  

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Comprehensive Care Track

Experience the full power of working with a veterinary behavior team.  Attend appointments, in person or virtually, for maximum collaboration.  "Tap out" when you feel you are in over your head.  No referral form needed!  Just have them reach out!

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Vet-to-Vet Collaborative Services

Got the behavior modification well in hand, just want your client to get some expert VB guidance for the medical pieces?  Your client won't come in to us directly?  We can work hand in hand with their primary care vet to get them the support they need.  Prompt them to have their vet initiate the process to get it going!

Comforting Hands

Animal Welfare Services

Are your clients considering re-home or behavioral euthanasia?  Need some objective eyes on the case to help them think through their options?  Our Good Fit Evaluations are the closest thing the Veterinary Behavior world has to social work.  Let us help support you through these extra hard conversations. 

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