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From semi-privates to large group classes, virtual to in-person and dogs to cats - see our class list high quality education in a fun and community oriented format

Image by Silvana Carlos

Road Map To Real Life

Bridge that gap between foundational skills and actually walking with your dog reactive dog


Our semi-private 4-week Road Map to Real Life package is designed for two dogs who are ready to advance beyond basic skills for mitigating reactivity and take the wheel towards your next destination- expert level navigation!  Our team will carefully match your dog with another dog for 30 minutes each week to work on proximity, parallel activities, scent swapping, campus walks, and for some pairs, even the opportunity to interact and develop further social skills.  These sessions are designed for dogs that are fluent in basic skills (handler orientation, “Find it!”, treat consumption, “This way!”).  Dogs must be referred by a trainer for the next leg of the journey and will be accepted upon TVBC team approval.  Let the road trip begin! 

Our goal is to help you turn off the bumpy side street and cruise down the highway with advanced skills and confidence. Let's get you humming along and back on the road! 

These sessions are ongoing; please allow for up to three weeks from the time of referral to our team securing the perfect passenger to join you for your adventure. 

Dogs must be referred into this program by a skilled trainer.

Week 1: Defensive Driving 

Week 2: Navigation Systems 

Week 3: Scenic Routes 

Week 4: Planning your Road Trip! 

Cost: $249 

From Pulling to Partners

Pleasant walks are within reach!


Pulling to Partners

You notice them all the time - happy, relaxed people on an afternoon outing with their happy, relaxed pup. You feel defeated; if only you enjoyed walks with your dog! You've read a few tips, purchased new gear, and still, you're often dragged around town and ready to throw in the towel. Let us help! Our P2P curriculum is designed to get you back out in the neighborhood with a smile on your face! 

Enjoyable walks with your dog start from a place of teamwork, setting the stage for success, and a clear picture of expectations. Walks benefit dogs as an opportunity to practice species-typical behaviors that contribute to their well-being. We benefit, too! We notice nature, exercise, and let our worries fly out the window- if we enjoy a cooperative experience with our dog. However, walks often result in pulling on the leash, which is unpleasant for the dog and human!  

In this course, our goal is to create cues and routines so that the dog can check in with their human, walk with slack in the leash, and move with the guardian while passing a distraction. This is not a class about teaching your dog a perfect heel, but rather how you can both enjoy exploring the world together. Are you ready to take the next step in your walking journey? We hope you'll join us!

This class is designed for dogs 6 months of age and older without significant reactivity issues towards unfamiliar dogs or people.  Reactive dogs need pre-approval from the TVBC team to participate.

Open to the public.

Instructor: Sarah

Next class: 

Thursdays 6:00pm - 6:45pm MST 

@ our Boulder clinic

First session virtual, remainder in person with dog

Starting May 30th for 5 weeks

Cuddling Buddies

6D's Method of Relaxation 


Because we all need to decompress sometimes



We promise! You won’t fall asleep!  But your dog might... and in this case, we call that a victory!  Learning to self-regulate is critical for everyone, including our canine companions, and the ability to relax is a skill that takes time to develop.  Relaxing on cue, and for an extended period of time, lowers heart and respiratory rates, and soothes a stressed-out mind.  This virtual group class is designed for 6 dogs and their families to gather in a supportive environment and learn our 6 D’s relaxation protocol designed by Dr. Ariel Fagen, DVM, DACVB.  When a dog learns to relax on cue, the possibilities are endless!  When a learner relaxes, tandem therapies can be employed to maximize successful outcomes - learning is enhanced when emotions are stable.  Whether you are hoping for a relaxed athlete on the sideline at a sporting event, a consistent signal to inform your enthusiastic dog that it’s time to chill, or a reliable way to help your dog decompress, this class is for you! 

Open to the public - all levels. 

Instructor: Danielle

Next session:


Kit & Kaboodle


For a lifetime of happiness



Kit & Kaboodle

Are you curious as a cat? In this five-part virtual series, you will gain information and skills about all things feline! Designed for cats of all ages, our curriculum focuses on five major themes: creating a robust and enriching home environment, interactive and passive playtime and exercise, carrier or confinement conditioning, cooperative nail and coat care and medication delivery, and harness training.  When you understand how cats learn, and you possess the skills to shape behavior with positive outcomes, these activities can be used independently for recreation and healthy habits or can be reached for when you need to problem solve a behavior of concern.  Expert litterbox management, environmental strategies, and general quality of life enhancements accumulate to position you and your cat(s) to reach for the stars, or at least the highest perch in your home!  


Week 1: How cats learn and how to teach them, structuring your home for a happy (and well-behaved) cat, litterbox organization and maintenance, and accessing resources 

Week 2: Play! Interactive and passive play, including cat superhighways, and product recommendations, understanding predatory behavior 

Week 3: Carrier conditioning, and all types of confinement tolerance, including introduction to a pet stroller 

Week 4: Cooperative nail care, grooming, and medication administration (emphasis on desensitization and counterconditioning and low stress events)   

Week 5: Harness and leash training, including how to evaluate if your kitty is the adventurous type, and product reviews  

Open to the public - all levels. 

Instructor: Jess

Next session:


Rattlesnake avoidance.jpg

Snake Avoidance Workshop

Rattlesnake season is here!


$219 person + dog/$119 audit spot (person only)

Snake Avoidance

Warm weather is right around the corner, and you’ll be out and about with your pup!  Don’t let the fear of a snake encounter keep you off the trails!  Hike safely and soundly knowing that your dog knows what to do (and what not to do) if a rattlesnake crosses your path.  Rattlesnake bites require urgent medical attention, often result in hospitalization with expensive treatments, and have consequences that range in severity, up to and including dangerous blood disorders, hemorrhage and death.  Be proactive.  Join us for this 2-part class where you will learn about snake behavior and safety, in addition to skills that you and your dog will develop together such as shaping awareness, and pairing the scent, sight, and/or sound of a snake with a learned signal to come back to you.  The goal is for your dog to reflexively move away from snakes- we’ll help you accomplish this in a fear-free, reward-based way! 

1) Foundations Session:  virtual Zoom link provided - for important background information and foundational skills that will set you and your canine companion up for success

2) In Person Workshop: at our clinic in Boulder, zoom link provided for auditors who would like to join remotely and watch how its done - Give your dog the experience it needs in a live session with snake skins used as decoys to teach your dog to keep their distance and come back to you.   


Open to the public - all levels.

Dogs must be comfortable enough with other dogs and people to participate in a group setting.

Limited to 6 dog-person full participant spots - $219

Unlimited auditors (virtual and in person options) - $119

Instructor: Amy Creaven

*No snakes or dogs were harmed or will be harmed in the production of this workshop.  

Guided Group Walk

Guided Group Walks

Get out!


Guided by one of our Adjunct Trainers, these on-leash, group walks are designed to work on loose-leash walking skills, mild reactivity and just/or having fun in our beautiful Colorado wilds with some like-minded pet parents in our community. Limited to four dogs, you can feel confident that you will get personalized support.

All pets are to stay on leash for the entire duration of the session and no contact between dog will be permitted without explicit permission from both sets of pet parents and the group leader after assessing all dogs. Please use force-free and fear-free walking tools with your pet, including muzzles as needed.


Please, no children under 10 years of age.

Bring your treats, treat pouch, and water system, along with sturdy shoes and weather-appropriate attire for yourself. 

Multiple dogs from the same household are welcome but each must have their own handler.  Register each dog separately.

Locations vary and will be based in Boulder or Longmont on flat trails.  Locations chosen to maximize a successful experience. 

Instructor: Amelia

Guided group walks are open to TVBC patients and clients of Caring Behavior.



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