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Open to the public:  Muzzle Class, Relaxation Class, Loose Leash Walking and Cafe Puppy Play

Memberships only: Practice Pop Ins

Descriptions of classes are below. 


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Class Descriptions

Loose Leash Walking 


Loose Leash Walking

This interactive class will help you develop a loose-leash walking plan for you and your dog!


We’re throwing away the old mold of expecting dogs to heel by your side, and instead, teaching them signals and skills that promote an understanding of what to expect when the leash is attached. Maybe you’re going on a neighborhood walk where you want your dog to sniff, meander, and have agency over the direction, speed, and duration of their time spent outdoors. Perhaps you’re attaching a long line and expect them to investigate every shrub, creek, and sound. That’s super fun and enriching for your dog, but there will be times you want to signal to them that the expectation is that they relax and keep some slack in the leash because you’ve entered a building, are participating in a group activity, have asked a senior family member to join you or just want to go!


We can help you figure out all the subtleties and variations in the tools that you use, how you set the stage for the type of walk you wish to have, and reduce the amount of frustration you experience when your dog has one goal- pulling straight ahead! 

This class is designed for dogs 6 months of age and older.  

Open to the public.

Next class: TBD

Relaxation (professionals)
Cuddling Buddies

6 D's Relaxation Protocol

(for professionals)


This workshop is designed with professionals in mind!  You already have mad skills, so we’re going to skip the basics and jump right into Dr. Fagen’s proven formula for relaxation success.  Develop new strategies in an advanced environment that will immediately benefit your canine clients and their parents! Do you have pups in your program resistant to traditional relaxation exercises?  We’ll get you over the hump! 

  • Certificate of Completion for attendees

  • CEUs pending

  • Food and beverage welcome

  • Humans only


Next session: TBD

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