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Road Map to Real Life 
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Roadmap to Real Life is a 4-week class which creates practice sessions for guardians who are on a learning journey with dogs who struggle with other dogs while on leash.   Each week, two teams of guardians and their dogs meet for 30-minutes to build new skills and expand current ones. These sessions are led by a TVBC Behavior Therapy Technician who will act as co-pilot as the teams learn about defensive driving, navigation systems, scenic routes, and how to plan a successful “road trip” (aka, leash walk).   We attempt to pair dog-guardian dyads with a match that is suited for their stage of learning.  Dogs can repeat the cycle with new matches to help generalize the skills.  All sessions occur at our Boulder location. 

Road Map to Real Life is for: 

  • Dogs who display behaviors of concern directed at other dogs while on leash. 

  • Dogs who can be safely handled on leash in a controlled public setting with a limited number of people, cars, and other dogs present. 

  • Dogs who display little to no behaviors of concern toward people while on leash. 

  • Teams who have already been coached on foundational skills, such as marker/reinforcement procedures and management skills.  

Road Map to Real Life is not appropriate for: 

  • Guardians who are unable to safely handle their dog in a public setting or around other dogs/people - we do not expect them to be handle large gatherings or dog parks, but can walk with reasonable safety and skill, with minimal risk of the dog getting away from the guardian or redirecting onto them.  

  • Dogs that display significant behaviors of concern toward unfamiliar people outside their home or who are stressed in novel/outdoor environments – we need them to be able to learn in this environment and not be so concerned about our staff members that they can’t. 

Road Map To Real Life
Referral Form

Acceptance into the program is dependent on our ability to assess suitability.  If we are unable to determine this from the information provided, we will either reach out for additional information or we will assess the patient directly. Thank you for the referral and we hope this program provides the next building block for your dog-reactive cases!  

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Would you be interested in attending with your client? (Note, all scheduling is done directly with the clients, you are responsible for communicating directly with the client what days/times works for you).

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