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We always aim to be upfront and honest about your financial investment so you never feel blind-sided.  


Payment Options

We accept all major credit cards and electronic checks for payment.

We are happy to fill out forms for pet health insurance companies.  Please check for exclusions carefully, such as waiting periods and pre-existing or breed-specific conditions.  Not all insurance companies cover veterinary behavior treatment.  

No refunds will be given for services rendered.

*All payment is due at time of service.*  

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Core Services:  A La Carte 

Hybrid Program

Partnership Teleconsult $349

Follow Up Teleconsult $99

Special Offerings

Adoption Candidacy Evaluations - $189

Court-Ordered Evaluation - $699

Good Fit Evaluation - $189

Behavioral Coaching

Full Treatment Appointment - $219

Targeted Treatment Appointment - $119

House call Treatment Appointments - $299

Comprehensive Care Services

Diagnostic Behavior Consultation - $245

Psychiatry Evaluation - $475

Full Rechecks - $389
Med Checks - $229

Outpatient Nursing Standalone - $64

Labwork and diagnostic estimates available


A 10% discount!

Treatment Packages - You've always wanted a 6-pack right?  Here's your chance!  Bundles for 10% off.

     Full Treatment Package - 6 Full Treatments Appointments (60 min each) - $1183

     Targeted Treatment Package - 6 Targeted Treatment Appointments (30 minutes appointments) - $643


*Note: All packages are non-refundable.  Deposits are required to hold appointment slots but are refundable after the treatment package is completed if no additional appointments are scheduled.

Therapy Support Services


     Muzzle Workshop - $439

     Relaxation Workshop - $329

For house calls, shelter consulting, zoo consulting, organization-level assessments, lectures, workshops and other educational engagements, please call for information.  

Cancellation & Card On File Policy

Effective Wednesday, October 11th, 2023.


Thank you for partnering with us in the care of your pet. In order to protect everyone’s time and help as many patients as we can, we have enacted this updated cancellation policy. Once you have scheduled an appointment with us it means that we have reserved time in our schedule exclusively for you and your pet. Rebooking these slots after late cancellations can be difficult and there are many patients in our community that are in need of our care.  Please review the following guidelines for financial investment at time of scheduling and cancellation policy based on the type of appointment scheduled.  

Generally speaking, we have a 5-calendar day Cancellation Window and a 24-hr Late Cancellation window.  How we process payments for cancellations/reschedules will vary depending on whether you do so prior to the 5-day window, between 24 hour and 5 days, or within less than 24 hours/day of. For clarity, here is the preceding day by which we must be informed of a reschedule/cancellation to be considered prior to the 5-day Cancellation Window.  

For your first in-clinic or virtual appointment with us: 

  • 50% of the appointment fee is due at time of booking and you are required to save a card on file. 

  • For those guardians who are unable or unwilling to save a card on file, 100% payment of appointment fee will be due at time of scheduling and refunds will be processed in accordance with the below schedule only. 

If a cancellation or reschedule is required, the following policy applies: 

  • Prior to the 5-day cancellation window: Reschedules do not incur any penalty - the initial financial investment can be applied to the rescheduled appointment.  Cancellations are fully refundable minus a $20 processing fee OR the financial investment can be held on file and applied to future services within 6 months with no processing fee deducted.   

  • Within the 5-day Cancellation Window: the 50% fee that was paid is held as a cancellation fee. Another 50% or a card on file would be required to schedule another appointment.

  • Late Cancellation less than 24 hours before the appointment or a No Show: is charged out the remaining 50% to equal the full appointment fee. Another 50% or a card on file would be required to schedule another appointment.  

For all in clinic and virtual follow-up appointments: 

  • Prior to the 5-day cancellation window: no reschedule or cancellation fee as long as card is on file. The $20 processing fee will be applied for cancellations if a card is not held on file. 

  • Within 5-day Cancellation Window: 50% of the appointment fee is charged out at time of cancellation or reschedule. For packages, 50% of the a la carte service is charged out by default. Clients can choose to consume an appointment instead – please let us know if this is your preference.

  • Late cancellation less than 24 hours before the appointment or No Show: the full appointment fee is charged out or a full appointment in a package is consumed.  

Special scheduling: 

Due to the complex nature of coordinating these appointment types and/or the large chunk of time needed to block out to accommodate them, the following two appointment types have unique policies: 

  • Vet-to-vet Partnership Teleconsults – 100% of the full appointment fee is due at time of scheduling.   If an appointment is cancelled by the client prior to the 5-day Cancellation Window, reimbursement minus the $20 processing fee can be provided or the investment can be held on file for any future service within 6 months.  Within the 5-Day Cancellation Window, a client may elect to cancel the teleconsult and apply those funds towards services within our Comprehensive Care or Behavioral Coaching track at no penalty. The fee will be charged out and a credit placed on your account. Otherwise, all reschedules and cancellations within the 5-day window are considered Late Cancellation and the full appointment fee is charged out. A new fee or card on file would be required for a reschedule. 

  • Housecall appointments - 100% of the fee is due at the time of scheduling. For cancellation or reschedule prior to the 5-day cancellation window, the appointment fee can be held on file and applied to a future appointment or reimbursed minus a $20 processing fee. After the 5-day window, the pre-payment is held as a cancellation fee. Within the 24 hour period the appointment fee + the travel fee are charged out. 

Options to preserve your financial investment and make the most of all our time:


  • Conversion of an in person to virtual appointment (upon doctor/technician approval pending services that need to be provided)

  • Conversion of all Comprehensive Evaluations to virtual Behavior Intake pending technician availability with remainder of money kept on file going towards future services (expires after 6 months).

  • IF AVAILABLE, take an open slot offered BEFORE the scheduled slot or different time on the same day  

Additional information: 

  • There is no difference in our policy between in person appointments at our clinic vs. virtual appointments. 

  • All charged out fees are non-refundable

  • No refunds are processed for services rendered WITH NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Reimbursements are always charged the $20 processing fee. 

If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please do so by contacting us as soon as possible.  Leave a message if we do not pick up.   


Summary Chart:

Screenshot 2023-10-06 12.24.10 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-10-06 12.26.09 PM.png

Excessive Cancellations Policy

We understand things come up that are sometimes out of our control and want to be as flexible as we can to accommodate these life things.  However, a pattern of late cancellations impacts our ability to care for you, your pet and our other patients.  The first time you cancel within the 24-hour window or no show, you will be charged the cancellation fee as stated above.  If you cancel within the 24-hour window or no show a second time, you will be converted to Pre-Payment Status requiring a 100% pre-payment (or pre-purchased package) at time of scheduling, no exceptions, to continue with our services.  This pre-payment is non-refundable. The full pre-payment will be charged for all cancellations and reschedules within the 5-day Cancellation Window from there on out. For housecalls, more than one cancellation or reschedule within the 5-day window may require us to make the housecall service unavailable. While there is no finite rule about cancellations between the 24-hour mark and the 5-day mark affecting pre-payment status, if a pattern of cancellation is noticed and it effects our ability to provide care to our community, clients may be put into pre-payment status at the discretion of the management team.  Please be mindful of giving us as much advanced notice as possible if a reschedule or cancellation is required.

Late Arrival Policy

We are able to accommodate late arrivals to the appointment up to 15 minutes from the appointment start time.  Understand that we will only be able to utilize our scheduled time that has been reserved and that your appointment time, and the content covered, will be truncated to accommodate your late arrival.  Our providers will do the best they can with the time remaining to make forward progress with the case.  All late arrivals are charged the regular appointment fee as the appointment was scheduled – appointments are not pro-rated based on time used.  After the 15-minute mark, it is at the discretion of the provider whether we can still accommodate the appointment or if we need to reschedule and the late cancellation policies will apply.

For Your Security

All card information is stored directly with our payment processor and undergoes their rigorous privacy protection standards that are PCI Level 1 Data Security Standards compliant.  The Veterinary Behavior Center keeps a token of your card linking the token to their stored information. This means none of our employees have access to actual card information (beyond the last four digits and card type) and protects you against any data breaches of our system.  A hacker would have to hack their highly secure system to reach your card info, not ours.  

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