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Some skills warrant multi-step protocols with foundational steps building up to advanced skill.  Intensive, focused personal attention can get you through these protocols faster, so the skills are ready for use.  Without this attention, these exercises can drag on for too long, leaving you frustrated and languishing in an ineffective place.  Our team has run hundreds of patients through these plans, able to modify and adjust to you and your dog's learning needs so you can get the efficient progress you crave.  Plus, workshops are designed to work with your schedule.

Fifteen minute one-on-one virtual appointments in the comfort of your home at intervals and for a total number of sessions that make sense for the protocol. 

Most patients walk away either completely through the protocol or with an excellent start. 

Open to the public.  You do not need to be a TVBC patient to schedule. 

French Bulldog dog with short nose wearing leather muzzle for protection against biting_ed

Muzzle Workshop

Dogs wear muzzles for many reasons - aggression is one, but muzzles are useful for pica (eating non-food objects) and as a great social signal to stay away when your dog just need some space.  We teach your dog to LOVE the muzzle so they want nothing more than to wear their favorite article of clothing. 


15 minute sessions -- Twice per week  -- 4 weeks



Our very own 6Ds of Relaxation protocol has proven itself over and over again.  Yes, we can teach your dog to relax on cue.  Don't we all wish we could do that?

15 minute sessions  -- Once per week -- 6 weeks


Sleeping Dog_edited_edited.jpg
person sitting on couch with dog resting on a dog bed on the floor nearby.jpg

Nest & Rest

Wouldn't it be brilliant if you could actually send your dog to their bed and not only would they lie down and stay but also rest calmly there despite what is going on in the house?  Not just a "place" cue but an emotional self-regulation skill.

15 minute sessions -- once per week -- 6 weeks


Reach out to schedule!

The Fine Print

  • Most pets can make it through all or most of the protocols in the time frame allotted but not all pets can - prior negative experiences, incomplete homework assignments and other factors can effect progression.  Subsequent sessions can be scheduled if you want or need additional support.  Every learner is different, so there is no guarantee that the skills will be complete at the end of the workshop.  

  • One time payment up front, no pro-rating for partial use.  Our standard appointment cancellation and reschedule policy applies. 

  • These workshops are intended to be completed within the time frames allotted for maximum behavioral momentum.  Scheduling of all appointments are typically completed at the time of purchase. 

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