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Our general mission

To utilize our advanced knowledge of veterinary behavior and psychiatry to alleviate suffering and build community education, empathy and support for animal welfare all over the world.


Our clinical mission

To provide exceptional, cutting-edge veterinary behavioral medicine and foster an inclusive and empathetic healthcare team for practical, accessible and life improving treatment. 

Why We Do This

Because animals and their families are suffering with behavioral conditions that are too often under-recognized and under-treated.  As behavior veterinarians, we have the unique ability to help alleviate suffering by treating both the body and mind of patients who need us. Families are broken up every single day because of behavior problems. As a service, we can help set a pet and family up for a lifetime of happiness together instead of heartache. More philosophically, we believe that our society has a moral obligation to ensure that the animals under our influence are free of pain, distress and fear, to the best of our ability.  We would like to be agents of this mission.


Because we can help.

What We Do

We provide in-depth, expert veterinary behavioral medicine services to diagnose and treat animals exhibiting behavior problems and psychiatic disorders.  We rely on veterinary medicine and the science of learning to create tailored and comprehensive diagnostic and treatment plans.  In this way, when in the best interest of the family and the pet, we keep pets with the ones who love them. We set shelter patients up to be successful in their next home by starting treatment, easing the transition and providing continuing care. We help zoo animals and other non-domesticated species stabilize and blossom in their human constructed worlds. Our clinical goal is to improve the quality of life of animals, families and future families.


We engage in patient-centered, client-tailored and doctor-led service.  We work with you as a team.  Each diagnostic and treatment plan is designed to address the most pressing behavioral needs of the patient and the family, within the confines of what you can practically implement and the patient is ready to do.  Our treatment plans are targeted at both providing immediate relief when needed and creating long-term, sustainable change.  The doctor prescribes behavioral therapies, lifestyle changes, medications, supplements and/or diet changes to create therapeutic synergism.  We provide a high level of support and service as clients progress through treatment plans.  We work with you and your veterinarian to foster an inclusive healthcare partnership. Compassionate patient care, supportive client service and a team-oriented approach are cornerstones of our practice.

Who We Are

We are a team of devoted individuals who are trained to the highest level of expertise, so you can feel comfortable knowing that your pet is getting the best treatment available.  We believe that the best way to help our patients is to empower clients by giving them the tools they need to help the animals in their care.  We take our jobs seriously and understand that sometimes heart-wrenching experiences, work and decisions are involved in a case.  We support you through those moments.  And we also know how to have fun and catch the gleeful moments that comes with working with our special patients. We love watching our patients blossom and will celebrate with their successes.

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