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Having grown up in the age of Captain Planet...

One of Dr. Fagen's passions is educating the world on the field that has driven her life's work for the past 10 years.  Education is one significant way The Veterinary Behavior Center can make an impact in this world that extends beyond the "one patient at a time" approach of the clinical service.  

Examples of topics:

Specific behavioral disorders

Intro to psychopharmacology

Common behavioral myths debunked

How to approach a behavior problem

Low stress veterinary visits and handling

The science of learning

and more...

Together...with our powers combined...
we change the world!

Examples of formats:

Powerpoint presentations

Casual "lunch n' learn" talks

Hands-on workshops

Interactive games

Break-out discussion groups

and more...

Interested in having Dr. Fagen come out and meet with your group or speak at your event?  Email or call!