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Fill out the below form to request access to a personalized Dropbox folder just for your patient's videos.

Please NEVER incite or prolong an aggressive event for the purpose of obtaining a video.  While videos are helpful, we do not want to risk anyone's safety or create a bad learning experience for your pet just for the sake of a video. 

If you prefer to post your videos on YouTube (privacy settings are available), then feel free to just email us a link to access them.  Be sure to include the pet's first and last name in the subject so we know who its for.

For clients of our practice:  Please be sure to have scheduled or completed a Behavior Intake before filling out this form.  We need to create a medical record for your patient first.  While we always love to see our adorable patients on the big screen, we just won't know where to put these videos until a file is created for your pet!  Call to schedule or book through our online system.  Then, feel free to return to this form.  Thank you for your understanding!

For teleconsult clients: Please arrange to have a teleconsult through your vet and be sure you have submitted a Teleconsult Client Questionnaire before proceeding with this form.  We need to know who you are first so we know where to put these videos! Thank you for your understanding!

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