Outpatient Nursing Services Memberships
Nail Clip

Nail Club

Low stress nail trimming
at your pet's pace
Unlimited sessions

The Veterinary Behavior Center’s Nail Club is a monthly, unlimited subscription service aimed at developing your dog or cat's comfort during nail trims. Designed with flexibility to advance at a pace that benefits your individual animal, and a skilled team that can help shape a lifelong acceptance of this essential health need, Nail Club members can relax and learn to enjoy the process! The Veterinary Behavior Center’s commitment to low-stress handling, combined with our keen understanding of shaping behavior, ensures that pets enrolled in this program gain the trust and assurance that nail trim activity can be free of fear and stress, ultimately removing the conflict often experienced between pet and parent, or groomer.  

Your pet may require time to adjust to the overall process, and visits to the clinic at the onset of your subscription period may simply be dedicated to relaxed time with team members and learning to love the environment, including exposure to nail trimming instruments in a way that conditions a neutral or positive response.  Depending on your pet's prior experience and personality, it may take days, weeks or months, to systematically work towards trimming one nail, then another, and so on. Sustainable behavior change takes time- it is a thoughtful process of creating conditions that allow for learning and the development of emotional resilience.  Or, your pet may already have mastered physical nail trimming, and you are seeking a low-stress handling experience to maintain his positive attitude!   

Nail Club care is offered at our Boulder location and you can schedule 15-minute appointments with a technician in as many sessions as you like during the month.  This service is open to all pet parents; it is not necessary to have a patient-doctor relationship with TVBC- just enroll today and start the journey towards cooperative care! 

Dog Grooming

Pre-med Ahead!

For all your veterinary handling and medication testing needs
(Includes Nail Club)
Unlimited sessions

Struggle to have calm and stress-free veterinary visits?  Need to get labs done, nails trimmed, or figure out the best pre-veterinary visit medication protocol so it can go smoothly?  TVBC patients and their guardians who are committed to setting their dog or cat up for a lifetime of successful veterinary care will love Pre-med Ahead!  If you have a blood draw you have been trying to get done and are anticipating it will take a few tries before it's going to happen, this is the plan for you. 

In this subscription membership plan, we help you test out medication protocols prescribed by one of our doctors, work on individual skills that will be useful for real veterinary visits, teach pets that vet visits can be enjoyable and complete diagnostics prescribed by our doctors in a low stress manner. 

Things we can work on: 

  • Happy vet visits 

  • Restraint acceptance 

  • Body handling expectations 

  • Injection comfort 

  • Blood draws 

  • Mounting and dismounting the scale 

  • Mouth, eyes, and ears exploration 

  • Stethoscope placement 

  • Microchip scanning  

  • Nail trims 

  • Electric shaver introduction 

  • Bandaging and wound care modeling 


Our team will work tightly with our doctors to help guide pre-medication decisions in successive trials and will be able to give our doctors more nuanced feedback with which they can steer the plan.  With unlimited visits during our Outpatient Nursing Services hours by scheduled appointments, in 15-minute increments, we will move your pet forward at the pace they can handle.  Best of all, no homework for you!  You’ve got enough to think about, just get them here and we will worry about the rest.  We want your dog to wiggle their way through wellness exams, your cat to cruise comfortably and everyone to be as prepared as possible for those unplanned times when care is needed.  


Important Fine Print: Pre-med Ahead is open to existing TVBC patients only (if medication feedback is wanted).  We CANNOT provide medication advice to patients that do not have an established veterinary-client-patient relationship (VCPR) with our doctors.  We can perform diagnostics that have been prescribed by our veterinarians, but we do not do primary care medicine in the context of this plan.  We prepare your pet for primary care medicine at your own vet.  We do not keep vaccines, de-wormer and other needed materials in the building for this.  If your vet directly requests specific diagnostics or procedures, we may be able to make special arrangements on a case-by-case basis.  If your pet does not have a valid VCPR and you only want handling practice and the low stress experience, that we can accommodate in Premed Ahead.  If all you need is nail care, no VCPR is required, qualifying you for our Nail Club membership!  Patients without a VCPR may come in medicated for Nail Club or Premed Ahead, but we can only report back regarding sufficiency levels and not advise on what to do next. 


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Outpatient Nursing Services

Available Hours:

Mondays in Wheat Ridge 3:30p-6:00p

Wednesdays in Boulder 9:45a - 12:00p, 3:00p - 4:00p

Thursdays in Boulder 2:15p - 4:30p

Fridays in Boulder 10:00a - 11:30a

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Practice Pop-Ins

Skills help and practice on any of our behavioral therapies
Unlimited sessions

Working through protocols and finding yourself wishing you had access to personalized coaching?  It can be frustrating to keep spinning your wheels when you really need new strategies and encouragement to advance on a given therapy!  Is your dog great at doing it in the house and now its time to start practicing with more distractions or in a new environment?  TVBC members enrolled in Practice Pop-Ins receive unlimited 20 minute in-person sessions with the goal of ironing out the wrinkles from your treatment journey. Let’s practice! We’ll help you master any of the therapies we are working in your treatment appointments, workshops and classes. 

  • Go To Spot 

  • Engage/Disengage 

  • Leave it/Drop it 

  • Impulse control 

  • Hand targeting 

  • DRI Soft Look 

  • Find it! 

  • Safe Zone 

  • Reactivity management 

  • Voluntary sharing 

  • Departure protocols 

  • Relaxation 

  • Pattern games 

  • And more! 

We offer flexible options to meet your needs. Join up to 3 other patients, in person, in a safe, supervised group (barriers in place to separate patients) so you can continue to build positive feelings about the clinic environment, increase distractions, and bond with a community of caregivers striving for enhanced welfare for their pets.  Or, choose virtual fine-tuning from the comfort of your own home- either way, we’re here to help you accomplish your mission!   

Call to reserve your slot or schedule through our new online booking feature. 

Important Fine Print:  Practice Pop-Ins are for existing clients only who are working through TVBC therapies in Treatment Appointments, workshops and classes.  The technician supervising Practice Pop-Ins will not know the ins and outs of your case and is there to provide feedback on the mechanical elements of what you are working on so you can move along faster between appointments or just get more supervised practice in.  Technicians will not be dispensing medication or management advice for your home situation during Pop-Ins.  Practice Pop-Ins are not designed to introduce new skills - new skills will continue to be introduced in your personalized Treatment Appointments.  

Call or e-mail to become a member! 

Practice Pop-Ins


In Person Hours @ Boulder

Tuesdays             11am - 12pm

    Wednesdays          3:30pm - 5:30pm

Thursdays           6:30pm - 7:30pm 

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The TVBC Advantage

Our premiere comprehensive support plan
Unlimited sessions + discounts galore!

Introductory price:

Come join your community! 

We designed this membership opportunity as our gold standard offering for our committed pet families who wish to get the best out of all that TVBC has to offer. This comprehensive discount program bundles our outpatient nursing services, therapy support services, retail and medical labwork as well as priority access to our waitlist.  TVBC Advantage is designed for pet parents who want to access our services in a cost-saving and flexible way. Taken at its fullest, the TVBC Advantage program is a financial windfall for pet parents, giving you ultimate support through this process.  Like our other monthly membership programs, TVBC Advantage gives you the unlimited sessions offered in our Pre-Med Ahead! and Practice Pop-Ins memberships, providing flexible, frequent support times, and a tailored experience to meet your needs and help you progress through your individualized goals.  Plus, get discounts on the Therapy Support Services that best meet your needs so you can tailor your participation to be as productive for you as possible. Get the most out of your TVBC experience! 


The TVBC Advantage includes: 

  • Pre-med Ahead! (with Nail Club) 

  • Practice Pop-Ins 

  • 10% discount on all workshops 

  • 10% discount on all classes 

  • 10% discount on all labwork 

  • 10% discount on all retail  

  • Priority access to waitlist appointments

  • Waived ER consult fee ($98) any time you need that urgent appointment

  • Free access to our monthly Guided Group Hikes (coming July 2022!)


Call or e-mail us today to get enrolled!  


Financial investment: $249/month