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Nail Clip

Nail Club

Low stress nail trimming
at your pet's pace
Unlimited sessions

The Veterinary Behavior Center’s Nail Club is a monthly, unlimited subscription service aimed at developing your dog or cat's comfort during nail trims. Designed with flexibility to advance at a pace that benefits your individual animal, and a skilled team that can help shape a lifelong acceptance of this essential health need, Nail Club members can relax and learn to enjoy the process! The Veterinary Behavior Center’s commitment to low-stress handling, combined with our keen understanding of shaping behavior, ensures that pets enrolled in this program gain the trust and assurance that nail trim activity can be free of fear and stress, ultimately removing the conflict often experienced between pet and parent, or groomer.  

Your pet may require time to adjust to the overall process, and visits to the clinic at the onset of your subscription period may simply be dedicated to relaxed time with team members and learning to love the environment, including exposure to nail trimming instruments in a way that conditions a neutral or positive response.  Depending on your pet's prior experience and personality, it may take days, weeks or months, to systematically work towards trimming one nail, then another, and so on. Sustainable behavior change takes time- it is a thoughtful process of creating conditions that allow for learning and the development of emotional resilience.  Or, your pet may already have mastered physical nail trimming, and you are seeking a low-stress handling experience to maintain his positive attitude!   

Nail Club care is offered at our Boulder location and you can schedule 15-minute appointments with a technician in as many sessions as you like during the month.  This service is open to all pet parents; it is not necessary to have a patient-doctor relationship with TVBC- just enroll today and start the journey towards cooperative care! 

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