3 Treatment Pathways 

Comprehensive Care

For the highest quality of care, work directly with our doctors and their support staff for comprehensive evaluation, hands on support and the full benefit of what we have to offer.  Appropriate for any type of case, experience the empowerment that comes with having this team behind you.  Outpatients are always under the direct supervision of one of our docs, so you can feel comfortable that our full brain power is on your case!


Stethoscope on the Cardiogram





A critical first step in evaluating every behavior problem is a thorough medical evaluation to assess possible underlying medical contributions, determine additional diagnostics that may be needed, and discuss options for medical, behavioral and psychiatric treatments.  The first doctor's visit will synthesize the detailed behavioral history obtained at the intake appointment with a medical assessment.  These consults can be scheduled somewhat urgently so you all can get some fast relief.  


60 min


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Specialist Evaluation


Dr. Fagen

Depending on the severity, complexity, prognosis, unusual presentation or risk associated with your pet's case, a Specialist Evaluation may be recommended.  Certainly, anyone can request a Specialist Evaluation if they like.  Any behavior problem, any species - she can do it all!  From simple to complex, receive comprehensive and cutting edge care with a board-certified veterinary behaviorist.


60 min

as recommended

Smart Dog

Targeted Treatment Appointment

Behavior Therapy Technician

When you just need a little brush up on a therapy you have been working on - whether you have plateaued in your progress or need to kickstart a really important therapy, these Brush Ups can be booked as needed between Treatment Appointments.  Virtual only.


30 min

Dog Collar

Treatment Appointments

Behavior Therapy Technician

Now this is where the magic happens!  The mainstay of treatment, these sessions are to run recommended behavioral diagnostics, provide hands-on coaching on the behavioral therapies prescribed by the doctor and an opportunity to fine-tune any medication plans under doctor guidance.  In clinic and virtual appointments available.  Frequency typically every 1-2 weeks or as recommended.


60 min

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Housecall Treatment


Behavior Therapy Technician

When needed, intersperse housecall treatment appointments with regular sessions to run specific diagnostics and work on specific therapies where your home, neighborhood or veterinary clinic are an important feature.

$199 (+ $60 travel fee)

60 min

Dalmatian Dog



As needed, based on your pet's individualized plan, for re-evaluating, re-examining, re-steering, re-grouping, updates and plan renovations


60 min

Doctor Checking a Form

Med Checks


When appropriate, phone check-ins for medication & supplement adjustments so we can make sure we get the best brain match for your pet as quickly as possible


30 min

The general treatment path described applies to all canine and feline patients but may be altered at the discretion of the doctor, depending on the diagnosis and needs of the patient and the client.  We create tailored plans for each patient.  We are committed to being as flexible as possible to help you treat your pet and promise to be honest about how alterations from the recommended treatment course may effect treatment and prognosis.  For other species, contact us to schedule as our appointment flow depends on the species.

Doctor house calls available for horse and farm animal consults.  Call to schedule.  House call coverage area boundaries:

        South - Rt 285 in Denver

        North - Rt 14 in Ft. Collins (barn calls); Longmont (Treatment Appointments)

        West - varies - call to inquire about your location

        East - Rt. E-470, Rt. 85

House calls are an additional travel fee. 

For court-ordered evaluations, please contact our office for special scheduling. 

Any questions about our services?  Give us a call - we are happy to talk through it.
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