3 Treatment Pathways 

For an intermediate level of care, proceed with our one-of-a-kind hybrid program where The Veterinary Behavior Center, your veterinarian and you work as a tight team to help your pet.  In this program, our veterinary behaviorist consults directly with your veterinarian on the medical management and psychiatric support that may be indicated.  We help your veterinarian come up with a diagnosis and recommend specific treatments that may be helpful.  Your veterinarian can then work with you directly for this medical management.  At the same time, our Behavior Therapy Technicians support you through the specific behavioral therapies that are indicated.  Get access to a veterinary behaviorists brain for your case at a more affordable rate and completely at a distance, while also getting the same great support from our Behavior Therapy Technicians you can rely on.  A great option for those anywhere in the country!



Partnership Consult


Dr. Fagen

After completing an intake appointment, a phone appointment is set up between Dr. Fagen and your veterinarian.  Your pet's intake appointment notes and medical records are reviewed in advance of this appointment as well as any submitted videos.  Dr. Fagen will discuss the case directly with your veterinarian so you both can get specialist guidance on how to proceed medically.  Possible medical contributions to the behavior problems as well as recommended treatments will be discussed.  A plan will be developed and sent to your vet and your Behavior Therapy Technician.

$149 (*not inclusive of your veterinarian's fees to cover their time investment)

Smart Dog

Targeted Treatment Appointment

Behavior Therapy Technician

When you just need a little brush up on a therapy you have been working on - whether you have plateaued in your progress or need to kickstart a really important therapy, these Brush Ups can be booked as needed between Treatment Appointments.  Virtual only.


30 min

Dog Collar

Treatment Appointments

Behavior Therapy Technician

Now this is where the magic happens!  The mainstay of treatment, these sessions are to run recommended behavioral diagnostics, provide hands-on coaching on the behavioral therapies prescribed by the doctor and an opportunity to fine-tune any medication plans under doctor guidance.  In clinic and virtual appointments available.  Frequency typically every 1-2 weeks or as recommended.


60 min

Cat on Counter

Housecall Treatment


Behavior Therapy Technician

When needed, intersperse housecall treatment appointments with regular sessions to run specific diagnostics and work on specific therapies where your home, neighborhood or veterinary clinic are an important feature.

$199 ($60 travel fee)

60 min


Woman on Phone

Follow Up Teleconsult

Dr. Fagen

As many of these can be scheduled as needed to provide additional guidance for continued management of your case.  There is inherently a trialing process in the treatment of veterinary behavior cases and it is typical for cases to require tinkering before a firm treatment approach is established.  We are here to support your veterinarian through this.   

$69 (*not inclusive of your veterinarian's fees to cover their time investment)

Enroll in our Hybrid Program Package:

A 3-6 month treatment program where we are able to address the problem behavior from all sides!



  • 1 Intake Appointment

  • Medical record, intake appointment notes and video review by our board-certified veterinary behaviorist

  • Partnership Teleconsult with your vet to clarify any questions and go over the plan

  • Plan development - both medical and behavioral therapies

  • Report sent to your veterinarian and your Behavior Therapy Technician

  • 1 Initial Treatment Appointment + 5 Follow Up Treatment Appointments with our Behavior Therapy Technicians who will coach you through the behavioral therapies

  • Up to 5 follow up video diagnostics as recommended as you proceed through treatment

  • 1 Follow Up Teleconsult with your veterinarian at any point in the treatment process to address any concerns, or modify the plan

  • Support from our rockstar team along the way

That is hours and hours of personalized attention and care for $1127 and is a 10% discount off from a la carte.

Not sure you want to commit?  Come do an Intake Appointment and discuss your options, you can always purchase our Add On Hybrid Program Package which includes all of the above but the Intake Appointment for $969.

Note, because our doctors do not have direct contact with clients through this service, and are essentially hired as a consultant to your veterinarian, all medical questions should be directed toward your veterinarian.  Behavioral support questions can be directed towards our Behavior Therapy Technicians. We cannot dispense medical advice outside the context of a valid veterinary-client-patient relationship.  

Just want a teleconsult with no behavioral therapy support? 

We do that too!  

Any questions about our services?  Give us a call - we are happy to talk through it.
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