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Treatment Programs

 Need behavior modification support you can trust?

Reap the benefits of working with our specially trained Behavior Therapy Technicians or contracted trainers - the very same ones who work with our doctors on their most serious cases can support you in meeting your behavior goals.  Feel confident that the techniques they employ are scientifically based, effective and vetted by our veterinary behaviorist.  Whether you are working with your veterinarian already or not to manage the medical side of the picture, you can work with the best of the best for treatment support without getting one of our doctors involved if you don't need it.  Know that our team will be watching you carefully the whole time, and if we do feel that one of our doctors should get involved we will be sure to let you know.

Smart Dog

Targeted Behavioral Coaching 

Behavior Therapy Technician

For focused work on the most important skills, these shorter appointments give you the pointed feedback and frequent touchbase needed to cruise in your behavioral therapy plan.  In clinic and virutal appointments are available.  Frequency is typically once weekly.


30 min

Dog Collar

Behavioral Coaching 

Behavior Therapy Technician

Now this is where the magic happens!  The mainstay of treatment, these sessions are to provide hands-on coaching on the behavioral therapies prescribed by the doctor.  In clinic and virtual appointments available.  Frequency typically every 2 weeks.


60 min

Cat on Counter

Housecall Behavioral Coaching

Behavior Therapy Technician

When needed, intersperse housecall treatment appointments with regular sessions to run specific diagnostics and work on specific therapies where your home, neighborhood or veterinary clinic are an important feature.  Reserved for ongoing patients as indicated. 


60-90 min

Treatment Package 6-pack available for a 10% discount!

        6-pack Full Treatment Appointments - $1183

        6-pack Targeted Treatment Appointments - $643

House call coverage area boundaries:

        South - Rt 285 in Denver

        North - Longmont

        West - varies - call to inquire about your location

        East - Rt. E-470, Rt. 85


Intensive, one-on-one coaching series for complex skills with great utility.  Your doctor, nurse or technician may recommend these to move you quickly through the multi-stage protocols so your pet can become an expert in no time at all! 


Muzzle Workshop

15 min appts

Twice weekly

For 4 weeks

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Jack Russell Terrier dog in a muzzle. A dog in a muzzle lies on the grass..jpg


Relaxation Workshop

The 6D's method

15 min appts

Once weekly

For 6 weeks

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Lazy Dog

*Most pets can make it through all or most of the protocols in the time frame allotted but not all pets can - prior negative experiences, incomplete homework assignments and other factors can effect progression.  Subsequent sessions can be scheduled if you want or need additional support.  Every learner is different, so there is no guarantee that the skills will be complete at the end of the workshop.  

*One time payment up front, no pro-rating for partial use.  Our standard appointment cancellation and reschedule policy applies. 

*These workshops are intended to be completed within the time frames allotted for maximum behavioral momentum.  Scheduling of all appointments are typically completed at the time of purchase. 

Any questions about our services?  Give us a call - we are happy to talk through it.
Click here for information on the financial investment that can help your pet.
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