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For medical emergencies, contact BRVS or your local primary care or urgent care veterinarian


As veterinary behavior specialists, we have the unique ability to alleviate suffering by treating both the body and mind of patients who need us.  

We engage in patient-centered, client-tailored and doctor-led service.  We work with you as a team.  We believe that the best way to help our patients is to empower pet parents by giving them the tools they need to help the animals in their care.  Utilizing learning science and veterinary psychiatry, each diagnostic and treatment plan is personalized, prioritized and practical. 


Comprehensive care from a board-certified veterinary behaviorist for pets of any species and their parents in Northern Colorado and beyond.

Vet-to-Vet Teleconsults

A service for veterinarians, for help with your canine or feline behavior case.  Anywhere.

Focused, top tier veterinary behavioral support for dogs that bark, lunge, growl or bite on walks, from the yard, at guests, at the park and more!

Cooperative Care Clinic

Fine-tuned, personalized treatment to ensure your cat or dog can have a low stress veterinary handling experience for the rest of his/her life!



Consulting services for individual patients as well as development of organizational level behavioral health plans


Individual patient or colony assessments as well as development of organizational level behavioral health plans



Repetitive behaviors

House soiling

Prep for Baby

Self-injurious behavior

Attention-seeking behavior

Leash reactivity

Trailering problems

Feather-damaging behavior

Excessive vocalization

Elderly behaviors

Inappropriate cat scratching

Unruly behaviors

And more...


Courtney K.

with Gretta May

Dr. Fagen is professional, compassionate, and extremely knowledgable.  Taking my dog to Dr. Fagen was truly the best decision I have ever made.  Dr. Fagen helped my dog and I get through separation anxiety when nobody else could and I am extremely grateful.  Working with her was a delight and her recommendations were easy to implement.  I'm a professional dog trainer and even we need help sometimes.


with Fernando

Dr. Fagen helped us to course correct when our beloved sixteen-year-old Persian began acting out two years ago.  He was defecating out of his litterbox, and the situation was creating a great deal of stress for us both.  She was able to examine him and physical causes for his stress symptoms. Also, she offered us coaching on how to more efficiently and kindly treat the behavior.  I would highly recommend her to any person ready to have a healthier and happier feline at home.

Cara & Ben

with Yogi & Rocket

We are so grateful to Dr. Fagen for her help with prepping our dogs for the arrival of our baby! We have been so worried about how our dogs would react to the change, and Dr. Fagen was extremely thorough, giving us all the tools to be able to feel safe and secure in preparing for this big moment in our lives.

Dr. Reiter

with Greta

Dr. Fagen is a fantastic behavior doctor. She cares deeply for her patients and has the education needed to help your dog or cat with any behavioral concerns. She will do a very thorough assessment of your pet and will be with you every step of the way to monitor progress. I highly recommend her!


COVID-19 Update:


Here at The Veterinary Behavior Center we are committed to the safety of our clients, staff and community.  During this time of crisis and social distancing, we are now able to provide our expert behavioral support 100% through telemedicine with video streaming and phone appointments.   

We all have enough stress right now - let us help you with what we do best. 

Now introducing... the new and improved Treatment Appointments! 


So you can get the hands-on behavioral therapy coaching you and your pet deserve, our Behavior Therapy Technicians coach you through the plans prescribed by your behavior doctor.  Working tightly as a doctor-technician team, we are able to modify both behavioral therapy and medication plans based off the feedback and progress of these appointments, for the greatest chance at efficient and sustainable behavioral change.  See the magic our technicians can work!


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