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In Shelter & Foster Patient Assessments


TVBC is proud to offer shelters, fosters and rescue organizations a unique combination of expertise for behaviorally oriented needs.   With over 37 years of experience combined, our dynamic duo include a board-certified veterinary behaviorist (with a special passion for shelter world) and a former Director of Animal Behavior and Sheltering at the Humane Society of Boulder Valley, one of the foremost leaders in sheltering behaviorally challenged dogs and cats in the US.  With us, you get not only the experience, but the commitment to science, evidence-based recommendations and the commitment to making things work for you and your organization.  Our team is available for:

  • Organization level analysis and recommendations

  • Process and protocol design

  • Team education on enrichment, behavior problems management, husbandry, psychiatry and care

  • Facilities design

  • Individual pet consultations and treatment 

  • and more...

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Man's Best Friends


Adoption Candidacy Evaluations

45 minutes

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Are you a professional organization in possession of an animal that is “stuck” in the process of decision making? Need a professional risk assessment, an objective idea about resources necessary for a successful placement, or a professional partner to help colleagues understand why euthanasia is a consideration? Need a creative partner to identify alternative solutions and make recommendations for transfer to a rescue group or shelter? We’re fortunate to have a longtime animal welfare professional from the Boulder community and beyond on our team and she is available to help you sort out your thoughts and feelings about an animal in need. Don’t shoulder the weight of life changing decisions by yourself! 

We are a judgement free practice, and understand how difficult these conversations can be. We promise discretion and confidentiality.  

Organization-level Behavioral Health Plans

Redesign or tweak your staff training plan to decrease pet stress levels

Staff Training

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Identify institutional protocol changes to maximize behavioral health


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Learn how you can step up your training and behavior modification program to make your pets more adoptable

Behavior Modification

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Prioritize environmental enrichment and physical alterations to maximize benefit


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Call for information on the financial investment. 

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