In Shelter & Foster Patient Assessments


Consults For Adoption Candidates with Special Behavioral Needs

Work with your leadership, veterinarian, and the caregivers involved for a supported, coordinated effort. 


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Help you assess what resources you need and have an honest, professional discussion about any risks involved.

Resource and Risk Assessment

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Design a plan to best prepare the animal in your charge for their new life.  

Individualized Plan

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Increase efficiency of the plan so you can get the pet into a well-matched home as fast as is reasonable.


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Organization-level Behavioral Health Plans

Redesign or tweak your staff training plan to decrease pet stress levels

Staff Training

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Identify institutional protocol changes to maximize behavioral health


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Learn how you can step up your training and behavior modification program to make your pets more adoptable

Behavior Modification

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Prioritize environmental enrichment and physical alterations to maximize benefit


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Call for information on the financial investment.