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Our clinic is located at the Humane Society of Boulder Valley in Boulder, CO.

House call coverage area boundaries:

South - Rt 285 in Denver

North - Rt 14 in Ft. Collins

West - varies - call to inquire about your location

East - Rt. E-470, Rt. 85

Call to schedule all house calls.

Horses & farm animals are always seen as house calls.

House calls are an additional travel fee.  Financial investment varies.

The general treatment path described below may be altered at the discretion of the doctor, depending on the diagnosis and needs of the patient and the client.  We create tailored plans for each patient.  We are committed to being as flexible as possible to help you treat your pet and promise to be honest about how alterations from the recommended treatment course may effect treatment and prognosis. 

Diagnostic Assessment


New patients only

Reserve 2 hrs of your day

In-clinic appointment

Optional: house call

Treatment Plan Appointment


Pre-requisite: Diagnostic Assessment

Reserve 1.5 hrs of your day

In-clinic appointment

Optional: house call

Treatment Appointments

$85-144/session, depending on length

Pre-requisite: Treatment Plan Appt

Reserve 45-90 min of your day

In-clinic, telemedicine (live video stream) & house call options

Recheck Appointments

$259/hr, charged in 15 min increments

Pre-requisite: Diagnostic Assessment

Reserve 1.5 hrs of your day

In-clinic, telemedicine (live video stream or phone) 

& house call options

Veterinary Handling Therapy Sessions


Pre-requisite: your veterinarian's referral


Reserve 45 mins of your day

In-clinic primarily

Any questions about our services? Not sure veterinary behavior services are appropriate for your pet? 
Give us a call - we are happy to talk through it.
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The Veterinary Behavior Center

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