Thank you for considering us for your patient's veterinary behavior needs!  We are happy to help. 

Patient Referrals For Assessment

A referral is not needed for clients to book a Diagnostic Assessement with us.  However, it is always helpful to receive more information from you.   We are also happy to contact the client directly if they would prefer it.

After each meeting with the doctor, a report will be sent to you.  You are always welcome to call or email with questions or concerns. 

We recommend that all referred dogs and cats have a recent CBC, Chemistry, UA +/- thyroid assessment to screen for medical causes.  For all cats exhibiting urinary/litterbox problems, we recommend a culture and imaging (either rads or US) to rule out lower urinary tract diseases.

For other species, please do any diagnostics you deem appropriate and safe before referral. Depending on the species and case, we can discuss the risks/benefits of additional diagnostics.

At this time, we do not quite yet have the ability to perform these diagnostics at our clinic.  We hope to in the not too distant future.  We apologize for the inconvenience this causes.

If the patient is too aggressive or too scared for you to perform the diagnostics or the client otherwise declines, no worries, we are still happy to see the case.  Sometimes, when veterinary handling is tough on them, its in the best interest of the pet to wait on these diagnostics until a pre-veterinary visit plan can be worked out anyway.  We are happy to help organize this as part of the treatment plan - we do it all the time! 

Veterinary Handling Therapy Sessions

These are for patients specifically referred by a primary care veterinarian for a behavior modification protocol for veterinary handling.  This can be from restraint for physical exams to teaching pets to tolerate ear medications, oral medications, injections, etc.


These appointments are not appropriate for patient's that have exhibited aggression in other contexts or who have a severe bite history (e.g. multiple bites in one episode, biting >1/2 length of the depth of the canine tooth).  Those patients should proceed with a Diagnostic Assessment Appointment to ensure comprehensive care. 


These therapy sessions are conducted by our Behavioral Therapists - our doctors do not manage these cases. Price: $59/session.  Depending on severity of the case, anywhere from 4-10+ sessions could be needed.

Please fill out this Veterinary Handling Therapy Referral form so your client may take advantage of this service. 

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