Individual recommendations to the general treatment path described below may be altered at the discretion of the doctor, depending on the diagnosis and needs of the patient and the client.  We are committed to being as flexible as possible to help you treat your pet and promise to be honest about how alterations may effect treatment and prognosis.

Horses & farm animals are seen as house calls, otherwise all pets are seen in the clinic.


Diagnostic Assessment


New patients only

Reserve 1.5 hrs of your day

In-clinic appointment

Step #1. Diagnostic Assessments are designed so the clinician can understand what is going on and determine a diagnosis. 


We ask you to submit a detailed behavior questionnaire on your pet's background at least 3 days prior to your consult.  We review available medical records from your primary care veterinarian (we will request these, no worries).


At the appointment, we clarify details, review any videos you may have of your pet's behavior, perform a physical exam (if safe to do so) and recommend appropriate diagnostics.  We discuss your pet's behavioral diagnoses, risk assessment and what the treatment process will look like, in general. 

Upload your patient's videos to our Dropbox here.  Please note: NEVER incite or prolong an aggressive incident just to obtain a video.


Treatment Plan Appointment


Pre-requisite: Diagnostic Assessment

Reserve 1.5 hrs of your day

In-clinic appointment

Step #2.  After the Diagnostic Assessment, if you elect to proceed with treatment then a Treatment Plan Appointment is scheduled.  The goal of this appointment is for the doctor to design, with your input, a detailed, comprehensive treatment plan tailored to your pet.  Any diagnostic results obtained from the Diagnostic Assessment will be reviewed.  The doctor will begin to figure out how your dog learns, recommend management changes, get you started on necessary behavioral therapies, discuss with you any appropriate medication, supplement, pheromone therapy or diet recommendations and start you and your pet down the path of recovery.  A short Treatment Plan questionnaire is requested 3 days prior to your appointment to help direct your pet's treatment.  Call to schedule.  These appointments cannot be scheduled online. For long-distance clients, Treatment Plan Appointments can be special scheduled back-to-back with the Diagnostic Assessment. 

Treatment Appointments


Pre-requisite: Treatment Plan Appt

Reserve 45 min of your day

In-clinic, telemedicine (live video

stream) & house call options

Step #3+.  Most pets and clients need Treatment Appointments with one of our Behavioral Therapists every 1-3 weeks after their Treatment Plan Appointment.  This individualized coaching is critical to most client's success.  Think of these as visits with a physical therapist.  Our Behavioral Therapists walk you through each step and help you with your mechanical skills as you work through behavioral therapy protocols.  We help you apply the learning theory concepts into real-life situations.  If your pet is on medications, supplements, diet changes or pheromone therapy, these appointments are essential check-in points to provide feedback so the doctor can make changes when needed.  While you don't see the doctor at each of these appointments, know that every appointment is guided behind the scenes by the doctor and she is intimately involved in every case, every step of the way. 


Recheck Appointments

$259/hr, charged in 15 min increments

Pre-requisite: Diagnostic Assessment

Reserve 1.5 hrs of your day

In-clinic, telemedicine (live video

stream or phone) & house call options

As needed.  Recheck appointments are scheduled on recommended intervals with the doctor until your pet is stable.  These are essential for keeping you and your pet on track.  Your pet's progress is evaluated and adjustments and alterations are made to the plan pending the patient's response to treatment and any change in their environments. Clients with stable patients might benefit from scheduling a recheck if a life stressor is upcoming or occurs.  At minimum, annual in-person rechecks are REQUIRED to continue treating patients. 


We request you submit a brief questionnaire 3 days prior to your recheck appointment.  Upload your patient's videos to our Dropbox here.  Please note: NEVER incite or prolong an aggressive incident just to obtain a video.


Veterinary Handling 

Therapy Sessions


Pre-requisite: your veterinarian's referral

Reserve 45 mins of your day

In-clinic primarily

These are for patients specifically referred by a primary care veterinarian for a behavior modification protocol for veterinary handling.  This can be for restraint for physical exams or teaching pets to tolerate ear medications, oral medications, injections, etc.


These sessions are not appropriate for patient's that have exhibited aggression in other contexts or who have a severe bite history.  Those patients should proceed with a Diagnostic Assessment to ensure a comprehensive plan.  Likewise, for patients who have exhibited anxiety in other contexts, a Diagnostic Assessment is recommended.  Feel free to call if you have any questions about whether this type of appointment is appropriate for your pet. 


These therapy sessions are conducted by our Behavioral Therapists in the clinic - our doctors do not manage these cases.  Occasional telemedicine (live stream video) may be possible at the discretion of the Behavioral Therapist.  A referral form (---link---) from your veterinarian MUST be submitted to proceed with these appointments.

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