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Veterinary behavior for folks in Boulder, in Colorado and all over the country

Animals and their families are suffering with behavioral conditions that are too often under-recognized and under-treated. 


As behavior veterinarians, we have the unique ability to help alleviate suffering by treating both the body and mind of patients who need us. 

Latest Updates

Teleconsulting appointments are available now.

Client appointments are available starting June 28th.  Appointments are available for booking now!

Behavior Problems We Treat

  • Aggression

  • Anxiety/fears/phobias

  • Repetitive behaviors

  • House soiling

  • Self-injurious behavior

  • Attention-seeking behavior

  • Leash reactivity

  • Excessive vocalization

  • Elderly behaviors

  • Inappropriate cat scratching

  • Unruly behaviors

  • Prep for baby

  • Trailering problems

  • And More...

Upcoming Events​

Come listen to Dr. Fagen speak on August 2, 2018 at 6:00pm

at the Humane Society of Boulder Valley on:

"What is Veterinary Behavior Consulting?"

"Dr. Fagen is professional, compassionate, and extremely knowledgable.  Taking my dog to Dr. Fagen was truly the best decision I have ever made.  Dr. Fagen helped my dog and I get through separation anxiety when nobody else could and I am extremely grateful.  Working with her was a delight and her recommendations were easy to implement.  I'm a professional dog trainer and even we need help sometimes."  

~ Courtney K. with Gretta May

For medical emergencies, call your local primary or urgent care clinic 

The Veterinary Behavior Center

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Humane Society of Boulder Valley

2323 55th St

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